Simonas Prikockis
Gediminas Buntis
From year to year, monitoring, participating and conducting real estate transactions, has appeared a natural need to single out one group of real estate objects from the abundance of all the others. To do this in order to draw a clear boundary between essential goods of mass consumption and sleek and unique property, having not only financial but also intellectual value. To make this even for people able to afford to live as the heart desires and not mass ideology dictates – they won‘t need to waste their time and to rake up in a pile of what they see with their eyes and disappoint again and again ..

VIP Būstas is a showcase which lays out real estate proposals dissimilar to one another. It cannot be otherwise because it may not be hundreds of truly unique places of high value and architectural unique design solutions.. This is the showcase which contains ideas, investments and matured solutions of long-term and consistent work, professional time-tested experience as well. Concentrating such proposals we want to return the true meaning to the words "exclusive" and "unique", completing the daily speculation of their use.

We sincerely believe in our customers, the people creating a real and long-term value, a dignified and stylish life that would accompany successful investments and harmony in their homes without turning to others or looking back.. We believe that we can give you and learn from you at the same.

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